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I felt compelled to add to my previous review.If you can,only use a high quality 4x12 cabinet with this amp.Bogner,Zinky(probably the best amp designer in the universe!)or Mills.These are the best 4x12 cabs you are going to find.A Marshall cabinet is a total insult to this amplifier,and the Ecstasy will fight you til you scream UNCLE!!! I was lucky enough to purchase a Zinky Mofo 60 watt head,and 2x12 cabinet off of ebay.Only 100 of these were produced.I have #96,and is signed by Bruce.Forget Soldano...that's old hat! This amp will go to the grave with me! I kid you not! I still love the Bogner,but Bruce is hands down,thee best amp designer on this planet!!! That little Mofo is a Mofo.TONE! TONE! TONE! TONE! TONE! Did I mention how great the tone is? I get 12 different gain stages,just by turning my guitars volume knob.From clean to OH MY GOD!!! No wonder most blues,jazz,rock,punk,metal,thrash greats own a Bruce Zinky amp.He is going to produce a 100 watt Mofo head.Production is going to start in July of 2007.I want one now! Boy, I guess this turned into a review for the Zinky Mofo Head? I plugged the Bogner into the Zinky cabinet,and it was a 1000% improvement in sound.I spoke with Bruce Zinky for over an hour,as he educated me(to the best of his ability)on the science of where good tone comes from.He really likes Bogner's amps,and has nothing bad to say about anyone.He just does not like alot of switches.The clean channel on the Mofo has only 2 knobs-1 volume/1 tone...that's it.And that's all you need with a truely great amplifier.I would not have believed it...I am a Zinky convert fot life!



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