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Sound Quality

ABSOLUTLY UNBELIEVABLE!!! This amp circuit was designed off of the original Marshall Plexi circuit.This amplifier is the truest represenation of fluid dynamics,and tone I have ever heard.I owned a Soldano SLO,and played through it extensivly.I can say here,and now-the SLO does not even come close to the Bogner's sonic high ground.The SLO is a fantastic amp to be sure-in it's own right.The SLO is an aggressive "cutting" amplifier,designed to cut through the mix with razor sharp intensity,if needed.To calm that down(and warm things up)factory mods are required.I would have to add that the Soldano is pretty much-a one trick pony!It could be a much better amplifier with some added refinements-if this weren't true,then why does Soldano offer so many different mods? Mike is a great guy,and an awsome amp designer.It is(IMHO)an unfinished amplifier.If you are a fan of Hendrix,Clapton,Frank Marino,Peter Frampton,Kerry Livgren,Jimmy Page,Mick Ronson,Uli Jon Roth,Michael Schenker,Pat Travers,and just about every hard rock guitarsist between the late 60's,and mid 70's,then give credit to the Marshall Plexi circuit.Things were getting a little predictable...It was not until 1977,that a young California guitar player by the name of Edward Van Halen came onto the scene,with a sound unlike anything that was ever heard before.That was the sound of one seriously talented guitar player,and his weapon..a hot-rodded Marshall Plexi! The rock world would never be the same.Many of us were buying factory made master gain Marshall's,thinking we were going to get the Van Halen sound...but it just wasn't there.These are great times we're living in when we can go out and purchase so many variations on the hot-rodded Plexi theme.Well after owning many different high-end amplifiers over the last 24 years,I have finally found MY AMP.Not because it gets Eddie's sound to the "T".But because it can go from a the best Fender clean,to Fender dirty,to Plexi,to hot-rodded Plexi,to BOGNER! Notice I refer to Fender,Marshall,and Bogner.That's because the first Marshall tube amp,was an attempt to copy the Fender tube circuit.The result was a new sound! The Bogner amp is just the next step in-tube amplifier evolution.Open sounding with the excersion switch set to "loose".Snug it up a little with the switch set to "mild"(think Van Halen Brown Sound here)and a tighter,sharper, more preamp based distortion with the switch set to "tight".To quote Jerry Cantrell..."the Bogner sound is reminisent of a 300lb. muscle bound maniac,coming at you down an ally,crushing trash cans with his fists".Set the Class A-A/B switch to class A and you open the door to a whole new world of sonic ecstacy...)The only other amps that could be arrogant enough to knock on the front door of this maniac,is the Mark Cameron modded Marshall Plexi,or the VHT CLX 100 watt.Even then,I would put my cash down on the Bogner Ecstasy 101B.


I have not had it long enough to know,but it comes with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY,AND GET A NEW ONE!The used ones are selling for $2,900.00 on ebay.You can get a new one for $3,364.00


General Comments

I play a 2006 USA custom shop BC Rich 10 string Supreme,a 1990 Heritage Top Les Paul Standard,Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah,MXR Phase 90,ADA Flanger,Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo(tape based delay).I will always own a Bogner 101B.It's the only amp you will ever need.

Reviewer's Background

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