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Sound Quality

At first, I didn't like it. I even considered selling it, but was too lazy to. I kept it and brought it back out after about a year. After setting the depth at 10 o clock (exactly facing the LED indicator), I was able to get exactly the "Heart Full of Soul" sound. This is also extremely similar to the "Strange Brew" rhythm part. In short, I now love this pedal to death, it sounds great. This is played through a cheap Ibanez GAX-70 with neck pickup with tone at around 5. Very cool. If I turn this on, and my amp's gain channel, I get almost exactly the crunchy sound of Don Henly's "All She Wants to do is Dance."


Never a problem, though it sucks batteries dry. I bought some rechargable Ni-metal hydride 9Vs from Radio Shack and a charger and they are an awesome investment.


General Comments

This gets an 8 overall. Easy to use, very good sound. Cool beans.

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