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Sound Quality

Its not noisy unless you set the volume boost to high, when the distortion is on. I have found some great sounds out of the thing. It just adds that extra umph to your sound you can't get from any where else. I use a Crate GT-80 with it, which is ok. Within a year an half, I will buy a real tube amp, and all my beautiful stomp boxes, will be done justice. Another reason why I bought it was, to soften up my sound. My distortion has been way to harsh, and it helped a lot, less feedback more volume more gain. It was esspecially welcome with my Les Paul, where the Alnico pickups were to noisy before, now they have that smooth sound that they should have. My Explorer, which has Dimarzio Evolution pickups, were ready to go, I just plugged it in. They are very noiseless, and stand a lot of distortion without feedbacking


Its a Boss, thats all you need to know. I love the faders on the thing, you could make exact adjustments, thats what is lacking in the DOD model, it just doesn't have good faders. I don't think it will ever break down.

General Comments

I play Rock, Blues, Alt, anything where a guitar gets loud, and it is good for all occasions. I have been playing 6 years, and this was a great addition to my stomp box collection. If it was stolen, I would buy a new one, if I had the money to burn, its not an essential, but it works right in my situation. Like I said it has great faders, and thats what makes it different than the other pedal Eq's. I bet a rack mount eq would be better, but I don't have a rack to put it in, I don't feel like throwing down extra dough to buy one. I am very happy with it so far

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