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Sound Quality

I've used this machine with a lot of amps and guitars and even to record directly. The sound has always been great, of course if you use a large amount of gain it could be noisy but the noise gate really shines (even if cuts away the sustain).I owned a Yamaha DG-Stomp and that one WAS noisy!!! Again, you need tweaking with this thing. The delays...man, I have still to hear a better delay from this kind of units.. the delay alone is worth 4 times the price!!! Chorus and reverbs are just GREAT and fully customizable!! You can even customize your amp model for direct recording!!! Great for Hard Rock and Metal (nothing extreme,though)! I'm giving an 9 because the distortion could be a little bit more natural and less digital, otherwise it would be a 10.


I've owned this unit for 7 years and is still working!! The case is METAL (not cheap plastic like the new models), it's made in USA (not in Korea or Taiwan). Never had problems with the display.

General Comments

When I bought this unit it was very expansive at the time (1100DM are about 700$). For the same price now you can find much better, BUT in Europe they're going now for $200 used so I would not esitate to buy one used if lost or stolen!I've compared this unit with the new ones (Taiwan made) from Digitech; my band mate has a RP-2000 that wanted to sell after hearing this unit!! Probably the RP-2000 has more distortion but noway, they don't compare, I've heard from many different people that the RP-1 is the best of the RP series...I believe it is true. The GNX-3 would probably sound better though... I wish it had a wah pedal like the RP-10 and the distortions to be more natural (but this is a common Digitech problem). If you're thinking about getting a Digitech RP, look around and try to find this unit.. you'll be really surprised!

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