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Sound Quality

I use this with a cheep jazz and a cheep p copy. it's quiet. It's got a nice sound but the newer boss and dod pedals sound better.


I'm using it without a backup cause i can't afford another one. it's built strong and i haven't had a problem.

General Comments

It's a nice pedal for $30. if you can find one cheep it's a decent pedal for the money. it adds a lot of depth to slow songs. it sounds really cool in sterio but i don't usualy use that festure. I'd buy the newer boss or dod pedals if this one were lost or stolen. It needs the eq filter control that the new pedals have so i could do vibrato on just high notes. it's a nice pedal to have if you just want to add something to slow songs. if you can afford a new pedal the new models are better.

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