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Mike Boardman

Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This guitar can't cover all musical styles as there are times when only a Strat, Tele or Les Paul will give you what you want. What it does do is provide a superb rock/metal tone with individuality - not easy to do. I have used this through various amps (Tremoverb, SLO, Marshalls etc) and once you have adjusted the mids on the amp [very important, the pickups are designed to be used with very mid heavy amps] to match the Petrucci the guitar really sings. The bridge gives a strong, bright, slightly compressed scooped tone with the neck being very fluty and clear. You can also get a great Satch tone with the right EQ. The biggest problem I find in the tone of this guitar is its clean tone. The centre position of the toggle gives a great clean strat sound but I find the neck and bridge to be un-inspiring and always end up pickup up a PRS or Les Paul to get a groove going.


I've dropped this guitar onto the floor during a gig and it survived with a little scratch in its finish - amazing durability. Also the trem is the best non-locking trem on the market giving floyd rose stability. You've probably read this during reviews of PRS/Fender etc but really this is the best around. I know this guitar would not fail me.


General Comments

I've been playing over 13yrs now and own 9 guitars (Anderson, PRS, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Musicman, Taylor) and 2 amps (Tremoverb and SLO).


This is a great, great guitar - the only thing I'd like to see is a mahogany version. Other than that I think its nigh on perfect with its amazing playability and great selection of tones.

Reviewer's Background

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