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Sound Quality

My main setup is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and Dean Avalanche 7-string into a Boss PH3 Phaser, Boss DD3 Delay, then the chorus, an A/B amp switch, a Line 6 Echo Park delay, then into a Peavey Bandit 112 on the left channel and a B-52 AT-100 head with an Ampeg SVT-806 bass cabinet on the right. I've also used the pedal with my 8-watt Kustom amp and my friends Fender FM212 and '65 Reverb. The pedal does not add any noise, or lower signal volume, or click when bypassed. I'm not sure if it has true bypass or not, but it's transparent when bypassed. The sound is very comparable to a Boss Super Chorus, it seems a little more subtle though. The difference is hard to describe and barely noticeable. Chorus is one of my favorite effects, I love the tone of Andy Summers, Alex Lifeson, Billy Howerdel, Robert Smith, Killing Joke, Steve Albini, Kurt Cobain, Justin Broaderick, Adam Jones. I can always get the sound I want out of this thing. I've played with it after a distortion pedal, before my amps distortion, and also on my amps effect loop after distortion and it sounds good anywhere in the chain. I usually gravitate to Level: 9 o'clock, Speed: 11 o'clock, Delay Time: 2 o'clock, and Depth: 2 o'clock. I've also used it on bass and it sounds great for that too.


I've used it at a lot of shows and never had a problem with it. I use it with a pedalboard power supply now, but when I used to use it with batteries the battery life was pretty good.

General Comments

I play a lot of industrial, metal, grunge, psychadelic and some jazz/rock stuff. I can always get the sound I want from this pedal.


I've been playing guitar for seven years and have played for several bands, none that played for more than an audience of fifty though. I've done a lot of recording for the past three years and am currently going to Full Sail University for recording arts. Aside from my main setup I listed earlier I also have a Nemesis N15S bass amp, Washburn XB100 bass, custom baritone Stratocaster, Epiphone 1275 and a Yamaha FG432S acoustic.


If I lost this pedal I'd probably get another one or maybe a Boss Super Chorus. The reason I chose this one was because it was $35 used. Really a great deal.


The pedal does have a few flaws though. The battery door is plastic and very loose, the stomp switch is also plastic and I'm afraid it may break someday. It's DC-in jack is a 1/8" headphone style jack, not a normal 9V jack, luckily my pedal came with one cable like that. I think the newer DOD pedals have normal style jacks. The switch is also about half the size of the switch on a Boss or Digitech pedal, so you have to watch your footwork a little more.

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