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Sound Quality

I compared this bass to a Musicman Stingray, Fender Precision, Yamaha 5-string and an Ibanes 5 string. This bass had the best tone of all of these basses that cost two to three times as much. The variety of tones and the lively low B sold me on this bass. I tested each bass on a SWR redhead with the tone controls flat. The only problem that I currently noticed was that with the treble knob all of the way up I get a little buzz.


I have played this bass in live situations and in the studio i has with stood all situations. The finish is very nice. The strap button I replaced with dunlop strap locks. When I had a set up guy at a local shop adjust the truss rod he over tightened it and broke it.


General Comments

I have been playing for Twenty years. I have owned many basses including a Warwick Corvette Pro. And this bass compares to the best of them at a lot less price. I would buy any product that this company makes.

Reviewer's Background

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