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Sound Quality

when it's used as a volume pedal it works pretty well cause that's what it is meant to be for, the wah was shit at the start but i realised that it has nothing to do with the pedal itself, it was the settings for my patch on my 505, so i used this setting which made the wah show itself pretty strongly, p9, Bl, 30, 9, off, d3, 30, this makes the wah work more than enough for me, don't expect a kirk wah, i think it's enough, although i would love to make it twice as strong, the pitch is shit when used with this pedal it just doesn't sound right, i guess the volume and the wah(when used with the right settings) are the best features, so it's a 2 out of 3 which makes it approximately 7 out of 10


i thought it's good cause it worked well but after 3 months i suddenly realised that my wah has stopped working, the stupid knob inside which is supposed to turn the wah on and off had fallen off, i had to unscrew the back and put it on again i just hope it stays on, this made me unscrew the back of my pedal so that was pretty shit i will not use it on a gig at all

General Comments

i play heavy metal, i'm a lead player and so far the pedal has helped me make my pull offs stand out, i've been playing for a year now , and i've used a 505 since i first got my guitar, i have a washburn and i use a marshall amp, but i practise a lot like 4 hours a day on average, so i think i play pretty good for someone whose just been playing for a year, i don't have a band though,

i wouldn't buy it again if it got stolen but i'll look for another wah pedal, i like the wah, i hate the pitch and i hate it when the little thing inside comes off,

i can't compare it with other wahs cause i never used other wahs, and i chose it cause it was cheap,

i just wish thw wah was two times stronger,

it's helped me a lot to make better solos,

i'm also looking for a band to play heavy leadguitar for so if you're in brisbane australia, email me and i'll send you a couple of my solos,


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