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Sound Quality

I've beeing happily strumming away on my HD28 for years, but lately find my self trying to get back to fingerstyle and thus were on the outlook for a high-end guitar, trying to do the chet thing. I've started on classic guitars so it was also a return to my roots. So after 1 month with this guitar I think I can say that this is exactly what I've been looking for. This is a Brazilian rosewood guitar and due to all what I have seen this should be way beyond anything else. And it is. It simply is in a legau of it own. Ofcourse sound like food is a question of taste, but compared to my martin guitars ( HD28 and J-40 ) it's simply astounding how much more power and sustain this guitar has. It's just impressive. It's a dark more articulated voice and then again sweet treble. Interesting. If it opens op more over time this is going to be nice.


I don't consider a high end guitar like this a gigging guitar, but I see no reason why it should not be used that way should you need it. Everything looks and feels pro on this one, tuners setup e.t.c. is like I like it.


General Comments

30 years of playing for my own pleasure, i finnaly found what I've been looking for. I have owned quite some guitars but this is my first realy high-end guitar (but certainly not the last ).

The A800 is realy great guitar made by som wizards in Norhern Ireland who sure know how to build a guitar ( Maybe they put a little celtic druide knowledge into it ), and I got it straight from them for a faboulus price.

If you are in need for a high-end steel string and been looking over the pond with envy, you should consider the avalon guys and give them a try, you might bee in for a really nice suprise

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