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Sound Quality

I Play through a new mesa boogie 5-25 express, various overdrives, and a digitech EX-7. Play all kinds of music, mostly rock/blues, this guitar can handle it all and more. Humbuckers are dead silent, no hum, and absolutely RIP! From huge twang with life in the bridge, to deep, bold, warm in the neck, to a HUGE round in-between setting, and that's just the clean sounds. Handles distortion and overdrive really well with great clarity and again the dragsters are just ALIVE!!A Great sounding instrument. Can also be tuned and played in E tuning with no problem, and this is what makes this stunning instrument so special. Open B tuning, capoed 5th fret E tuning, open E tuning, it loves to be capoed up the neck and you don't get the increased tension when in B tuning....and it just Rings everywhere, and the 27 inch scale plays in E tuning with an added urgency and shimmer, beyond a 25 and a half standard fender scale. But born to be tuned in Open B. It growls and moves like nothing else.


Feels like a jazzmaster with a fixed bridge from a new century.(I also own a 1960 jazzmaster) Rock solid like a tele now. This guitar is all pro, no concerns, no issues.


General Comments

I would immediately buy another if stolen, but I would be so sad!!!! This is a stunning instrument that loves to be played. Have you ever heard a Les Paul referred to as sounding like a choir? This guitar, in B tuning especially, feels and sounds like a piano!!A really good piano! Is that a piano black finish I see before me? hmmmmm....I love the immense variety and quality of all the sounds this guitar produces with ease. The lower tension open B tuning makes for a unique string bending experience. It's sweet and open, and always compelling, it just sings with a very distinct voice.. In open E tuning, the character changes somewhat towards a telecaster, the incresed tension putting even more spark to the all ready raging sound best described as pure GLORY. I play in B tuning mostly and like the zero fret sparkle effect when capoed, (5th fret for E in B tuning)

Reviewer's Background

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