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Sound Quality

At low volumes- this amp is OK. In fact, as a practice amp- its pretty good. However, the speakers are so damn cheap - they rattle and clip horribly when past 4 or 5 on volume. I used it with various Jackson models including a King V (used) and another dxsomething rather model (the better of the two) - and made the mistake of practicing with my former band using this amp. The main problem - was that using the shape knob- it gets too thin - at low volumes it sounds good- but then past 4 it breaks up and distorts- and feedbacks to all hell. This band in question had me turn up the mids- and the shape down- to fit their already shitty pa - lets just say it sounded like if you took a dump on a guitar and tried to play it- pure mud- pure shit- bad tone. But then again part of it was my guitar as well..the King V needs some work to say the least. But the damn Crate amp has a very sharp cutting edge that hurts ones ears instead of pleases them. Part of it was my band's PA- part of it the amp's fault.


WHAT RELIABILITY? I had to get this fucker fixed FOUR times before I traded it up for a Peavey Butcher 120 watt. I hope this is an ok Tube amp- to at least start with.


General Comments

I'm glad I'm trying to get into tube amps now. It took years for me to get off my ass and do something about my amp. I was egotistical about my situation and didn't want to listen to the constant complaining. I was in denial because I will never trust the Crate (at least solid state) series EVER again. I think overall, its an ok amp to have at home- maybe even to record, but somehow- my Marshall that has about 100 less watts and is Valvestate sounds WAY better on tape that this sucker. Don't make the mistake I did.

Reviewer's Background

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