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Marshall JVM410H 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

I have owned many amps as many other reviewers on this amp have. The last Marshall I owned was over ten years ago and I had given up on Marshall for lack of versatilty. When I tried this head out I wasn't expecting much more than the same old hard rockin marshall I was accustomed to. Wow! Was I wrong! It not only rocked hard it cleaned up to a place Marshall has never been before. It also thrashes like no Marshall before. Effertlessly! I have never thought of Marshall before as being funky but this amp can do flips. I can go from clean jazz to searing rock solos with a touch of a foot switch and with no compromises! There is no fakin goin on here, it is a genuine tone machine. No emulation, just raw tone to the core. This amp has its' own sounds as it should and it does them with no apologies. A word to the comments on the feedback on the high gain channels: If a car has a gas pedal, say a Dodge Viper, should you floor it? Probably not if you want to stay on the road. The same is with this amp. More gain than most of us will ever need is under the eleven o'clock position on channels three and four. This is not a limitation but a realization that gain is only useful for most of us within a certain range. This amp can blow that range apart. But can you handle it? I know my limits and this amp is not for the turn it to ten guys! If you just turn everything to ten you will hear nothing but feedback and aural mayhem. This is a amp that requires self control. All channels are so toneful you could cut a whole album using just one if you have your wits about you.


Never had a problem with Marshall amps other than tubes which aren't Marshall. Remains to be seen. I always keep a backup amp for the unseen problems. A Dailey Pure Tone C is my choice for back up.


General Comments

I have been playing since 1978. Classical to thrash metal music. I have never found an amp that can accommidate me as well as this one. I have owned boutique amps to standard Marshall, Randall and Fender renditions. Nothing has sounded so good at doing so many sounds as this amp. Again, you must exercise control with gain settings to deal with this amps power. I am comfortable selling my Vox and Randall amps now that I own a JVM. Everytime I turn it on and up I am in heaven. Simply awsome!

Reviewer's Background

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