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Sound Quality

sounds great,nice and warm,not shrill like the Ibanez cs-9 I got rid of,and doesnt drop in volume like the boss ce-3 I own.I also own a Boss ce-1,boss ce-2 japan,vintage mxr stereo chorus,DOD fx-60,EH polychorus.The fx -65 is as good or better than all of them except the EH polychorus and the Boss ce-1 which nothing beats.To the fool who rated it a 1,you have no ear for tone,and I have to question your experience level,maybe you'll stick with it long enough to develope some ears,maybe not.


I agree that the switch is rediculous but so far no problems.

General Comments

I'm glad nobody likes dod because i find them for sale cheap.They sound great and their made in the USA.For all you kids out there that dont know what DOD stands for it is??????drum roll please?????????? David Oreste DeFranscesco, the founder.I think I got his last name right.I think dod gets a bad rap,because of their switches and battery cover,if you use a bypass loop pedal,you dont have to worry about the switch.Easily the best bargain in chorus pedals.I love it.

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