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Sound Quality

In all honesty,I prefer the clean channel of this amp to ANY Fender reissue,as the bottom end has none of the Flab inherent in Fender rigs,and therefore,is more articulate.This is a subjective response,and I would NEVER deny the incredible tones acheived by artist that are able to make a Fender sing.It's just that the attack of a British amp is my lifeblood and inspiration.The Distotion channel is VERY Marshall,and I have foun thru live use,that I can dial up any of my older Marshall sounds by dickin with the gain and channel volumes.Perhaps not as dense as my Mk2,but an incredible facsimile that will satisfy in a performance sitcheation(sic!)


Touchy when it comes to construction,as the Brits cut corners to compete in the pricerange of the Fenders,Small pots,dowsized transformers,yet still better than the ill fated JTM 69.(as a tech also,I can assure you that dispite the claims,the 600 is NOT the same as the JTM.Marshall must have gotten tired of replacing warranty trans,and redesigned the power section,and ventilated it better!!!Thank you James!!!But,as with ANY tube amp,attentive maintainence,and you will limit any dissapointing letdows:Ounce of Prevention etc...


General Comments

Be good to this amp,and alone,or pushing a 4x12,you should be able to get every classic brish tone,and if it behooves your muse(!!rhyme)you should be able to carve your signature tone from this,or ANY other well made tube amp!!!Happy Riffin!!


Reviewer's Background

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