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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

The quality of sound that comes from this guitar is amazing. I was truely impressed. I prefer this guitar over my Fender. I run this guitar through a Presonus Tube Pre (NOS), Optical Compressor, Behringer Virtulizer Pro~ All in the effects loop. I run a Tech 21 Double Drive straight to the input of my Marshall 250 DFX, which has been slightly modified. The humbuckers are incredible on this guitar, with little ground noise coming from this instrument....I have tried numerous guitars and originally was going to purchase a Gibson. Then I came across this gem and was instantly impressed. It has a very modern tone, but can still carry a vintage sound fairly well... I play Alternative Rock, Punk, Blues, Folk.....I like my distortion with cream


I'm not sure. I have one dent, which occured after my strap fell off. I was surprised it didn't break, in part because it is one of the lightest electrics on the market. If you take care of it you shouldn't have any serious issues.

General Comments

The best quality of this guitar is not the sound, but it's weight, at least in my opinion. I can't stand overweighted guitars, reguardless of how great they may sound. The sound quality is amazing, especially considering the price. Add in an unbelievable action, and you may find yourself with a winner!

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