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Sound Quality

I am a lousy player, but love to play, and it totally fits my (lack of) style of playing. I play it through a couple different amps. No pedals in between. I would like clearer PUs, but these are good, and fun to play.


The guitar is really nice to play, sitting or standing with a strap. Light, balanced...what more can you ask. Again, the hardware seems solid. In the very unlikely event I were to play a gig, yeah, I'd go with no backup. In fact, I think this would be perfect. Since I have only owned it awhile, I can't swear to its durability, but its lasted since '89. Seems good to me, and I am going to score it high.


General Comments

I've been playing badly, way too long. I have a U.S. Strat, and a couple Martin's. My main amp is a '64 Twin Reverb which never leaves the house.


If it were lost or stolen I'd be upset, but not crushed. I love the character, the feel in my hands and the humbucker sound.


I do wonder what a great set of humbuckers would do for it. (anyone care to tell what version humbucker that might be) and kinda wish it had P90s.

Reviewer's Background

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