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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Acoustically, this guitar sounds great. Loud, snappy/trebly, yet warm and lots of sustain, as a good SG should. Plugged in my ENGL Screamer (you can compare its cleans to a Fender and its distortion to a Marshall), it sounds nice too. However, the stock pickups do not do this guitar justice and take a lot away of the typical SG sound (if there is such a thing). The stock pickups sound way to bassy and muddy to my taste. That's why I swapped out the pickups for a set of Seymour Duncan '59s.

With the Duncans, it sounds awesome. I also own an Gibson SG Standard and have had an Gibson '61 RI. While the Standard sounds more fat and modern, the Epiphone comes really close to the '61 RI. Clean sounds are crisp and clear, kind of twangy yet fat. On the bridge you can get nice chimey sounds, while jazz is an easy job for the neck pickup. In the middle position it's great for strumming and even some funk. With some crunch it still sounds clear, but dirty and direct. With the amp up to eleven, it's heaven. Sustain for days, full tones, great definition (Full HD sounding guitar;). It does not sound better than my Gibson SG Standard, neither does it sound worse. It sounds different: I tend to use the Epiphone for mild gain because of the clear sound, and the Gibson for the really phat sounds.


Stock: bad! Electronics crap out easily. I was also needed to tighten the strap buttons from time to time, so I did the toothpick trick and put on some strap locks (you do not want to drop an SG!).

With all electronics replaced, no complaints whatsoever.

General Comments

Great guitar for starting out, as a backup, as a main guitar. I started my 'guitar carreer' on this guitar

and now own way too many guitars, with a price tag lower than the Epi to 10 times higher. It's a great guitar, and just because I'm bored to death I'm writing this review, you better go out there and try this guitar. It's awesome!

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