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Sound Quality

As I mentioned, I have played for many years (> 25) with all-tube amps. A this moment, I am trying to start up a new band, so I want to have a compact set that sounds good with less weight and time-consuming connecting. And this amp sounds good!!!! For all clarity: this amp is NOT a tube amp! Fender doesn't claim this is a tube amp! They don't even claim it's a MODELING amp! The just claim, it's an AMP! So don't compare this amp with an (all) tube amp. Just ask yourself: do I like the sound? And I LIKE the sound very much. The only thing I added to the amp for some more warmth, is a Hughes & Kettner TUBE FACTOR between my guitar and amp, so I still get some of the typical compression and dynamics of a tube amp. This combination works absolutely great. The on-board effects are not TC-quality but are good enough for rehersal and small gigs. And don't forget: Let your fingers create the sound, not the effect-processor! I use the amp with different guitars, f.i.: Blade R4, Blade R6 (collectors item), PRS Santana SE, Ibanaz S540BMAV, Yamaha PAC 12-string etc. It is possible to get a (very) good sound for every guitar (and enough presets to store separate sounds for every guitar!. Clean, as well as overdrive and (heavy) distortion. Do I have to say more? I'm very happy with this amp. And it is (very) loud, too!


I own this amp for more than a year now and haven't experienced any trouble with it. I hope, this doesn't change (I think tube amps are less reliable!)


General Comments

I am playing guitar for more than 30 years and at least 25 years with tube amps. I've owned several stage-amps, like Marshalls (4x), Vox AC30TB (2x) and Kitty Hawk M1. My latest setup was a Mesa Boogie 20-20 power amp with a Marshall JMP1 (and Boss GT5 for effects and MIDI-controlling) and a Marshall 1936 cabinet. I recently sold the Mesa-amp and the Marshall cabinet (I kept the Marshall JMP-1; just in case)because of the good sound of the Fender CD. For rehersal and small gigs, I only use the Fender CD. I'm very pleased with it. It creates the sounds, I developed with all my tubeamps, very well. As I mentioned before: most of your sound is created by your fingers, not by the amp! That's why I always had more or less the same sound over the years with different amps. Before I bought the Fender, I had a Line 6 Spider 112 for some months; just to find out if modeling was something for me. I wasn't! Terrible sound, this Spider!!! So I sold it right away. Because of this bad experience with solid state, I hasitated a while before bying the Fender CD, but I'm glad I did, because this is NOT a modeling amp. The Fender CD is a versitile, compact and (very) good sounding machine. If it were stolen, I would defenitely try to get another. The only (small)disadvantage is: it could have been a little cheaper.

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