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Sound Quality

I have a lot of varied bands I like listening to, but I wanna sound like ME! The Chorus is thick and lush, or thin and warbly, depends on how you set it. For digital, it is quite good. The Flanger is crazy, not as thick sounding as my Electric Mistress, but you can get some weird tones from it, I got sort of a bass-heavy sine wave univibe thing going for it now, I have no idea how I got it to sound that way, but it is very usefull for those old 60's jams. The Distortion is Ok for what it does, it is no tube gain pedal, which would be nice, and the bass is kinda muddy, but that can be fixed with the onboard EQ and speaker sims. The compressor can be very overbearing and feedbacky, not for the country player, but for the rocker in us all, it is good, but noisy. The delays are crisp and clean, like all digital delays. Very good. I was very surprised to learn about the reverse reverb in here, as old as this thing is, I never knew! Super cool! The other reverbs are superb as well.


Can I depend on it? I sure hope so, it has been around for quite a while, since the days of Nirvana, it sounds good to me, so I hope it lasts. Would I gig without a backup? Maybe not because I don't gig I'm a bedroom jammer type of guy. lmao

General Comments

I play Rock, Ambient and noise, the RP-1 is good for what it does, and for how old it is, it does everything very well. I have been playing for only 2 years. My signal chain is a Fender Squire Bullet or a Fender Squire Double Fat Strat>RP-1 into an Indyguitarst Epidemic Feedback Looper/Bypass Loop>EH Little Big Muff Reissue>Custom Boost>Digitech Whammy 4>Boss PH2 Super Phaser>Boss PH3 Phase Shifter>EH Electric Mistress>EH Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay into a Loop Master Stereo Double Loop True Bypass Box to 2 Epiphone Valve Jr. Heads, 1 Hartke 4x12 60 Watt Guitar Cabinet with Celestions and a Behringer 100 Watt 4x12 Cab with Jensens. The amps are set to 10:30 The sounds I get from this rig are perfect from my style.


If it were stolen I'd find the guy that stole it and beat him with a large blunt object. If I'd lose it, eh... I dunno if I could find another at such a good price ever again.


I love the fact that you can turn the effects on and off indevidually, if I had a MIDI rig with it, I could use that as well.

I don't like how noisy it can get, but the built in noise gate cures that with the sacrifice of sustain.


I wish it had an expression pedal for contolling the modulations, a good univibe model in it, a wah and maybe a whammy that sounds as good as the original.


It inspires me to make more musical madness.


I like it and it is one of the best old multi FX out there that actually sound great.

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