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Sound Quality

iv got a laney TF-200, les paul and a washburn MG-74...vintage giutar eh...?? from 92. anyways...the thing is not noisy at all...just use ur head with the noisereduction compact in this pedal ok? the effects are not all weak or boring but lets say..the wha is obviously weak especially on high-gain settings(well isnt it on all wha pedals in highgaiN)but on clean and especially on the bridge pickup...well u still get a decent wha vocal sound..ATLEAST!!! other tahn that...IMACULENT...phaser, talkbox chorus delays everything except teh picth shifter...how the heck does this effect work! plain stupidity.. my favorite dist are the tubeOD for that clean cruch raunch thing, fatdist for that responsive and depth like u were shouting in a wood hole orsomething...very woody sounding. and the british stack that emulates the JCM 800. now u want proof eh?? see its like this...hearing is to believing just like seeing is to believing right... LISTEN PEOPLE:..i dont know why its so mny critics in this world that judges things off its covers u know....so plain dumbass..listen with this thing i can sound anything i want...i did recently the BROWN SOUND of EVH right spot hand on break ....and for GNR AFD albums i nailed a long time ago..maaannn sweet child o mine with this thing is pure...just use the neck and the fatdist together with the classiccab 4x12 cab and put your wah in sweetspot for that more intense vocal O ROUND SOUND TRUST MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!..and locomotive, just thesame..and off goes with welcome to the jungle...with the delay and the wha on and the britshstack man pure GNR....just tell me if yar intressted and u might wanna go back to taht store and purchase this or the ax1500 coz this two are exactley tehsame its just the ax1500 has more effects and can handle more effects atonce together. oh get a load with this..C*M shots hahahaha I WAS JUST USING MY COMPUTER`S SPEAKERS ON THIS EFFFECT THING ..just plugged it in this thing and my guiitar stright no turns...man it already sounded good what IF i put my Laney amp with this thing ...ho would it sound then... just 9 coz someeffects especialy the wha is not top notch...but hejj...its still usable... oh and PS: the compresssor cant be i repeat cant be combined with the other dist on this floorboard effect.


very dependable...housing is made of steel...and the pedal too is steel... no pot on the pedal just electronics so there will be no squeaky pots now eh???? but still needs re-calibration friom time to time.. no backup needed...no 500 effect in a line could replace this hahahah

General Comments

overall..just read the " sound" part ok? too lazy ..

yeah i play solid 80s and early 90s rock thats all...80s is were music should be..the clothing the hair styles...oh dont forget the girls 80s hairstyle..jut like courtney cox on friends used to have in the 80s. man i just sa aclip on her in the 80s with that hair and man...shes so ssoo sosoosos gorgeous...i mean the eyes. her hair the contour of her face. the brown complexcion wowowowoiiii..


stolen? yeha right ...kidding me eh?? no one robs old tony here me...i kill him and make him steal one for me i the store...STEAL THE AX-1500 FOR ME BIATCH!!!!


yes i did compareed it like the digitechs, the behringer v-amp or something but i found this easy to play was very worth it and yeah, was so happy with it.


man i wish the wha was superior but hey..just plug in a separate crybaby with this and off u go..


yes it help...neednt even need quality cables with this coz it still sound like u got ones hehhe...and yes the best future here is the presence knob wich can be located in the AMP area...wich my laney it wished had..


by gotta go..





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