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Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I have played several styles throughout the years, but bought this guitar due to a recent interest in the blues. Though I do not have extensive experience with strats (my other electric is a Les Paul), I am happy with the sound of this one. It has that Fender tone I was looking for.


I am not much of a live player anymore due to home/work/family etc. Mostly I just play in the house to amuse myself. The guitar feels solid and I haven't had any issues.


General Comments

I was looking at the SRV signature model originally, but this one was more pocketbook friendly and had the features I was looking for. I still manage to snap the high e on occasion when I go a month or so without changing strings, but the GraphTech saddles seem to help with string durability. The jumbo frets make bending much easier sompared to my Les Paul and the thick neck is nice on the rare occasions that I play for extended periods of time (reduces hand fatigue). It helps that I got a "black Friday" 15% off deal on this guitar as well.

Reviewer's Background

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