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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Amazing!!! I have long searched for an overdrive pedal that maintains the guitars essential character, is quiet, does not suck tone in bypass and has true analogue warmth and response (rather than that oh so nasty digital edge). Bingo - the BD is a no-brainer! Easily the equal of the TubeScreamer and just as good as boutique pedals costing oodles more! In fact I was so impressed with these pedals that I bought the Screamin' Blues and Hot Head for their differing characters and levels of distortion (all brilliant btw)! The controls are very interactive - as they should be - and the pedal rewards experimentation (although it is impossible to get a bad sound out of it). And if you want the ultimate budget bang for your buck setup, just partner it with the incredible Blackstar HT-5 combo, and a Yamaha RGX A2 (for more hybrid sounds) or Peavey EXP Signature (for modern super hot LP sounds), and you have a match made in heaven!!! I can even share my magic setting if you ask really nicely LOL!


Built like a tank and lots of sensible features including the excellent direct out.

General Comments

Well you can tell I am a fan - incredible product and I am going to buy another as a backup in case they stop making these little primates in favour of the ever growing push towards digital gear!

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