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Sound Quality

I have tried this unit through a 59 Bassman, a 73 superlead modified jack insert to power amp, A 2X12 all tube custom made combo, and in the studio. All of the above gave me a selection of great sounds from clean to wild. I love the overdrive sounds, as they are not to dull, they don't sound digital, and they rock. Most current day effects units and pre-amps use digital AD DA convertors in which the overdrive goes through. I can always tell in the sound and response. I have seen the circuit for the JMP1 and even though they use digital to adjust parameters the signal stays analog (amen)The overdrive sound so good I don't need a mix with my Jack Daniels, shaken not stirred. I found there was some noise with earth loops in my rack, and found it to be the midi lead, earths conecting the units earths together. I cut the earth in the midi plug lead and the noise was gone. (dont cut earths in power leads unless you want to die) There is typical noise on high gain settings, but not enough to piss me off. I know a lot of noise can be from earth loops, and I know a lot of people get caught. Their was a mention of someone having problems getting pinch harmonics. I don't have this problem. If I had this problem I would first off check I have good quality guitar leads. I know by experience that old leads that have perished or got wet will kill of top end, and make your sound sound dull. I will rate this unit highly because I get the sounds I want.


Have not had it long enough to tell. But I do know that most Marshall products used in Australia suffer from power supply problems due to our mains voltage being on avg 240 to 250 volts, and most Marshall products are rated to 230 volts. (not counting 110 volts used in other countrys) This means the high voltage DC rails in tube products go to high and cook the filter caps, and sometimes, cook the power transformer. Older 70's marshall gear seem to have no problems

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