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Sound Quality

I bought this unit for reverbs only. I don't care about the other effects, but I tryed to use them sometimes: it's pure 80's sound. Too cool. But useless for me. Unless I decide to join a Stone Roses cover band. Since then, I'll be happy with the reverbs. Want a clue of how they sound? Take a listen to "A Storm In Heaven" by The Verve, or any of their early recordings. I think Nick McCabe always used and loved this unit, even on the latest Verve albums. I'd bet that even John Squire used it on the first Stone Roses work. Enough said. It's true that at low density settings the reverbs sound unreal, but at high setting they sound great. I LOVE this thing. It's cheap and has the sound that I want. NO true-bypass, YES a lot of noise. Again, I don't care. My favourite guitarists could achieve their amazing sound with it. It's the best for me.


I got a used one in perfect conditions. But it was one month ago. Nothing bad happened, I know it's just one month, but it's a 20 years old unit. I think it's reliable. 9 for the plastic inputs.

General Comments

This thing has a unique sound. It does kill your tone, 'cause it makes you sound its way, but I love the way it sounds. Unreplaceable. Be advised, you may hate it. But I play brit rock, I love The Verve, what else could I desire?

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