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Sound Quality

This is the only analog delay I've ever played with, so I can't compare with any other. But this thing sound so amazing I still can't believe I got it for 25 euros. The delay is ... I just can't find the words. It adds life to my sound, it makes me feel like I'm playing in heaven! I have a crappy yamaha guitar and a beatiful fender hot rod deluxe, and I feel like I could play the worst guitar in the world and still hear a beautiful natural sound. The delay is SO good. Not so long (about 420 ms), but hey it's analog. You want clean clear cold sound? This is the opposite. But this is not enough. I still haven't told you about the best thing of this unit, the Modulation. It's just 2 knobs on right, setting the speed and depht. Get them right, and you'll make your guitar weep. It sounds so original that I couldn't compare with anything. It's not flanging, not phase shifting, not chorusing, not detuning, maybe doing all of these things togheter, and not sounding like any of them. Believe me, I couldn't tell you more. Just that I forgot to mention the Karma Police-outro like effect that you can achieve with the highest feedback and delay settings, and some other cool things, like spaceships landing, or out of control feedback wasting your ears and the speakers of your amp, or everything you can do with this marvel that I still haven't found out.


20 years and not a scratch. Just some dust on the knobs, and some minor problems with the input jack.

General Comments

For 25 euros it's the best deal of my life. It would have been even for much much more. I don't like Yamaha instruments, but this is an exception. If you're looking for a warm and natural delay with "something" more, and you usually don't play much power chords or don't care if they get a little distorted, GET THIS THING.

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