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Sound Quality

Honestly... THESE SOUNDS ARE JUST AMAZING! If you're into Hip-Hop and R&B it's great, you would need nothing else. If you're into Techno and House, youwill need no more. The sounds are of great quality, very unique and original. Another cool thing I've noticed is that I've heard some sounds from this keyboard used in commercial released music by such producers as Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Eminem. Roland has the best sounds in terms of keyboards.


I don't really play live, so I can't really comment... BUT as a studio producer, I would only use it to back up the base of a piece of music, not the whole thing for I don't sequence fully on the board.

General Comments

If this keyboard were lost or stolen I'd definetly replace it ASAP. It's a great machine. It's not too hard to use for beginners, and it's up there with the long-time keyboard users. The Yamaha Motif and Korg Triton can't {censored} with this keyboard. I use this keyboard with a Stanton ST-100 turntable, Fruity Loops and Wavelab. I'mlooking into buying a MicroKORG and MPC 1000 so if you got any deals, HOLLA!!! But on this keyboard the sounds are great, the quality is great, it can sequence fairly well and it has cool stupid features on it to entertain you if you get board to spark some creative ideas.

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