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Sound Quality

My guitar signal always went direct to the 2101. From there I sent a signal from the back directly to the sound board. That always sounded good. I've used various guitar amps to monitor my own signal on stage. The 2101 sounded good through a Fender Twin. It sounded so good with that that I used to put a mike in front of the amp and feed that to the board. I eventually unloaded the Twin becasue it was just too large and heavy to haul around anymore. it was more than I needed for a monitor. after that, I used a Peavy Bandit and/or a Marshall Valvestate. they sounded OK, but nothing like the Twin. I always fed my signal direct to the board from the back of the 2101 after that. The bonus of the twosolid state amps is that sometimes I could go stereo. Stereo is really where the 2101 shines in my opinion. Unfortunately, I am not always able to send a stereo signal over the PA system so the audience could enjoy it. The delay & chorus are excellent. There are also a number of other fx that are very good - too numerous to mention. The 2101 pretty much has it all. That's why I got it in the first place. The tremelo and the wha suck. There are six types of distortion to choose....3 solid state and 3 tube. The solid state such and the tube ones were ok. I was playing an American Strat with stock pickups which are low gain. That is a factor to consider when I say that I was never very pleased with the 2101 distortion. I was about to upgrade my Strat pickups to stacked humbuckers when it got stolen along with the 2101. I'd like to thank the people who stole my GSP 2101. I ended up getting a Roland VG-8EX with the insurance $$ and I feel that I have stepped forward about ten steps. Thanks, whoever you are. I've got comments on the VG-8EX here in the Effects Database if you're interested.


I never had problems with it. I protected my investment with an SKB rack case and still handled it with care. I suppose there is always the risk of problems simply because there is so much packed into the casing. I was fortunate I guess.

General Comments

Christian praise and worship. I've got to be versatile as we play a wide variety of styles. Christan music isn't just Mabel on the organ anymore. The 2101 was very useful to me for the five years that I had it. I was able to craft tones that fit pretty much was going on at the time. But like I say, I don't miss it a bit. I'm glad someone removed it for me. The Roland VG-8EX does as much and more.

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