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Sound Quality

It produces very impressive sounds throught my studio set up ( Alesis RA100 and Tannoy speakers). It also does a good job when I plug it into my hot rod deville amp via the FX return. I think this unit is versitile it can produce nice clear sounds as well as distorted sounds. The sweeping voice control on channel 3 makes this unit produce some nice lead sounds. I also own the Tubeman plus,I was scepticle at buying the Tubeman2 but it was a long time coming since Hughes & Kettner came out with the new unit I was curious. It paid off, they are both good units and they give me a range of sounds to choose from that works for me.


No problem as yet, looks sturdy.

General Comments

It is a great little unit sound wise. I would prefer a rack unit as I hate bowing to it every time I want to make an adjustment. I would also have prefered patch saving and midi connectivity being a studio musician. Separate eq for each channel would also be more dynamic tone control.

If H&K came up with a rack version of tubeman2 with these extras I would take the plunge given that this unit sounds so good.

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