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Sound Quality

not too bad, really. a nice, smooth distortion...gets noisy when you turn it even a LITTLE up, though, and when you crank it or crank your amp it goes into a wild feedback frenzy, as DOD pedals tend to do. but at low to mid volumes it's fairly nice, good way to soften up a nasty solid state amp and get some not-so-harsh overdrive.


it can get a little annoying...mine gets all scratchy sometimes, and when the batteries get low it will cut out on you randomly. nothing wrong with it if you got power going through it though...DOD makes tanks, remember.

General Comments

not bad. decent value, which is really the only reason to buy DOD pedals...it isn't as good as a nice Tube Screamer, certainly it isn't a Klon Centaur, but for 1/3 the price of the Klon you get nice, usable distortion...i wouldn't touch a nice tube amp with it, but if you've got a solid state and you want a warmer sound, this'll help.

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