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Sound Quality

You hear noise only from outside connections which would improve if the unit had symmetric InOuts. The internal power supply has a certain hum which can be significant in a quiet studio. The effects are great alltogether. A chain of six effects is all you can want for a guitar: Distortion or compression, equalising, modulation, reverb in many combinations and some variants each. I used it also for vocals and main mix reverbs and it proved very good in any case. The combination of effects is restricted (to 97+some SPC-card chains) but that has never been a problem. Equalisers are vulnerable to digital clips but I don't know if any digital FX have solved this problem.


It is the most rugged piece of my gear and has always been reliable. Once the battery went dead and I lost my programs. After that I learned about backup, RAM-card and MIDI connection. Now I think it is very reliable. I always fix a loop in the guitar cable with some wire to protect the input jack and so I never had any trouble with it.

General Comments

Rock, Jazz, experimental, free form music. Guitar-songwriting for 15 years, regular recordings for 10 years. Yamaha Jackson-style guitar, Marshall combo, several drums, gongs, Casio keyboard.

I just bought a second one (206EUR used) to have it live not only for the guitar but also for the vocals. Nothing more to say.

It has been the best investment in my gear so far. Since I bought it 10 years ago it has outlived any other thing in my gear: guitars, amps, microphones, recorders, even cables.

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