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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I echo what many others have said - the Bad Monkey is a fantastic sounding pedal. It works well with other pedals. It's quiet and transparent. Really a wonderful overdrive that competes with high-end overdrives. Most of us want an overdrive that adds a little girth without destroying your already-dialed-in clean sound. The Bad Monkey does it for $40. p.s. Certainly do try the "mixer" out into your amp as well as the "amp" out. You just might like the slight punch from the mixer out. I find it adds a tiny bit of clarity to the signal. Strat Plus Spectraflex and George L cables Boss CS3 Bad Monkey Marshall BB2 Dunlop 535Q Boss DD6 Amp (Crate Power Block or Yamaha DG80)


A solid pedal. Well designed from the bottom up.

General Comments

We guitarists are a finicky bunch, so I'm not going to say everyone should get this pedal, but I was blown away by the Bad Monkey. If you are looking for a nice sounding OD/Boost type pedal, then at least check one of these out. If you like it, you can spend the other $100 you'd have spent on a boutique pedal on other gear. I have owned those pricey OD pedals before, and the Bad Monkey makes me feel a little silly for having spent so much on them.


Hats off to Digitech for a job well done.

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