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Sound Quality

The J-100 is one of the HOTTEST single coil pickups that have ever reached my ear. I would absolutely compare this with a texas special. The J-95 is what knocked this down to a 9, its hot... but not anything to be excited about. This guitar picks up harmonics show up just fine with the humbucker but again, arent anything special. the J-100 has the perfect twang the warm perfect sound that i have been looking for in a single coil, this guitar is very versital and would be perfect for someone looking for a really good 80's shredder.


This guitar has survived 21 years of playing and is still in mint condition, the guitar has a thick clear coat so you cant really hurt the paint without nicking it. everything is solid on this guitar nothing wiggles nothings loose, it is incredibly sturdy for 21 years old.

General Comments

i bought this guitar for about 2 hundred in a pawn shop and after painstaking research i have found that there were lots of model 5's and model 5A's. The 5FX's werent put into production at all (hence the rarity) they were originally model 5A's but were sent back to the factory to have the slanted j-100 installed. only 300 were sent back to the factory at all. i cant find for the life of me anything about my serial number, so i cant give every single detail about the guitar. i wont change anything about this guitar, so i can keep the value as high as i can. i love and cherish this guitar and wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. if you find any information at all about the Charvel Model 5FX then please email me at jak_jak5916@hotmail.com thank you.

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