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Sound Quality

i use this with a rotating selection of different effects and guitars. GUITARS: gibson les paul studio. 1976 ibanez les paul "lawsuit" era guitar with seymour duncan full shred pickups. godin lgxt. EFFECTS: BOSS: ps-3 pitch-shifter/delay, mt-2 distortion, ph2 super phaser, oc-2 octave, ns-2 noise suppressor, aw-2 auto wah. DIGITECH: rp-80, whammy pedal. OTHER: Krank MMV distortus maximus, danelectro fab metal and echo, crybaby 535 wah, as well as a vox tonelab le. AMPS: fender acoustasonic on the left channel, peavy bandit 112+peavy rage on the right channel. now, this is a constantly evolving set-up based on what i can afford when i can. i am always on the hunt for more toys but the rp-1 always finds its way into the chain somewhere. with the exception of the distortion all of the effects are quite good. the distortion to me is weak but is easily fixed with the purchase of a good distortion pedal to suit your needs... which you should be able to afford considering the rp-1 can go for under fifty bucks american. you may want to purchase distortion, wah, and pitch-shifting if you are into those kind of things. personally i really like the rp-1 because you can tweak everything on it. i have not had a problem with emulating other guitarists sounds with this, be it the intensely overdriven sound of older nine inch nails, some good megadeth sounds and the like... with the aid of a good distortion pedal.


i have never been much of a gig kind of guy, but i have used it for hours on end at home and in jam situations and have not had any problems. it does seem to get very hot but i bought a small fan, pointed it at the unit and it seems to help fix that. i have not had any of the screen related issues i see in other reviews but i suspect along with other people that it may be related to the overheating issue. i think i would not have an issue using this at a gig if i ever get my crap together.

General Comments

i play a lot of metal and generally loud music but i also like it nice and quiet sometimes. i have even plugged my takamine classical guitar into this unit and come up with some sweet sounds. if this thing was stolen i would find another one. i have to say that for the time this was made it was way ahead of its time... nowadays it is lacking some of the effects of other processors but who doesn't like to collect all the toys they can? anything this thing lacks i have purchased to accompany it and like i said earlier, this thing always makes its way into the chain somewhere.

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