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Sound Quality

I play through a Clapton strat and an '86 MIJ tele. I love Fender blackface sounds, so my favorite is the blackface "2" and "3" settings. However, the tweed settings are awesome too. Everything from super shimmery clean to gritty dirty, you've got it. Imagine being able to get the sound of a '65 Twin Reverb really cranked (you know, not dirty, just gritty with some bark) without having to crank it all the way up! I'm very impressed by this amp. The Vibratone is to die for. The trem is very good, although I wish I could tap tempo the trem (but that's an awfully rare thing, so it's a little unfair). You can get some pretty brutal distortion if you set this amp up right. You will HAVE to sit down with the manual and twiddle for a couple of Saturdays. You will be amply rewarded (forgive the pun). I've built sounds I love and they are now stored away. However, I do make notes on paper for everything I create in case something happens to the amp. -This amp does make very slight hiss when idle. Not a big deal. -This amp can crank. I have never had volume issues, and it's nice to be able to go as dirty as I need without having to get really f'ing LOUD.


I have only had one glitch at a gig where I switched presets via MIDI and it froze. Power cycled and it has never happened since. Odd. -This amp has been bonked around a good bit, and was once knocked off a chair by some a$$hole sound tech who thought he would "help me out" by messing around with my amp. No damage, thank god. -This thing seems awfully durable, but I do wonder if I were playing big gigs on my own if I could trust this thing without a backup. I guess it's the nature of any amp to have flaws. A tube amp can certainly strand you, and this amp has its achilles heel, as well, which is that it is at heart a computer. I pray it doesn't kick the bucket now that it is discontinued. This is the amp the Twin should have been. I love a single 12" 65 watt open back amp, so this will be my #1 for as long as I can have it.


General Comments

I paid $700, but this was back in 2001.

I've been playing electric since 2001, acoustic since 1994. If it were stolen, I would sure try to scare up another one. In fact, if I ever get to tour on this album I may never finish, I'll probably see if I can buy two used ones and stockpile Cyber Deluxes like there's no tomorrow. I like this amp too much to let it go!


-I compared it to the Line 6 at the time, and they didn't hold a candle to the Fender for authenticity of sound and quality of effects. The flextone was a nice amp, but I didn't like the control layout, and when it came to Fender tones, the Fender was the way to go. The Johnson looked too intimidating and I didn't try it. I have to confess I have a soft spot for Fender products, and so this amp was my first choice.

-I wish it had XLR line outs (although the ARE balanced, so it's not that bad)

-I wish the line out could be set to "fixed" at some voltage

-I wish you could get to the advanced edit menus without powering down and up again--it should be another button to get to a deeper menu. I like the idea of keeping menus simple and uncluttered, so it's not like I want to see everything all the time. I just want easier access every once in a while. If you look at the advanced stuff, there is no limit to how you can tweak these sounds and settings.

-Fender is really out of their minds for killing off this amp. I guess it wasn't selling or they would still be selling it. But, why would you want a Twin? Stereo effects? Please. With the speakers two inches apart? The Deluxe is stereo, as well. It just doesn't add the useless weight of two speakers. 130 watts? Jesus. Are you kidding me? If you need more than this puppy YOU ARE DEEF. DEEF, I TELL YOU! DEEF!

The Deluxe is the perfect amp. I'm going to buy 10 and wrap them in plastic until I break this one. :)

-Oh, yah, and put a Boss TU-2 tuner in the new one. Collaborate!

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