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One-Man Band

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I'm using this amp with a Schecter V-7 with Dimarzio Blaze pickups in H/S/H configuration. The guitar has some bite and some bass, it's pretty well-rounded. It suits my music style(s) well, as said above which are metal, blues, classic rock and alt rock. You can get some wild sounds with the effects. It's not too noisy. There is an internal fan, but on mine it's whisper-quiet. The built-in noisegate is very efficient and cuts off quickly with no input. (You're not left with that trailing hum/fuzz for a full second after you stop playing.) Of course it's a bit noisier with unsheilded SCs, in front of a monitor, or right next to the amp, but that's -your- fault. Any amp would be. I traded in a Marshall MG30, and by comparison, this amp is very versatile. The cleans are great, and the dynamic response of the Tweed 4x10 model is awesome. The dirty is gritty and organic, just what you would expect from a tube amp, even if the weight and price tag are not. I play anything from ambient alt rock to blues to metal, so I can get a lot of good tones out of the amp. The '70s and '80s Marshalls are great for classic rock too. The clean channels, (certain ones anyway,) distort a high volume, but they are intended to since the amps they model do as well. The distortions are varied, it is after all a modeling amp. The coolest thing about this amp is the virtual power amp. IT says in the manual that what they did was combine a low-voltage tube with a dummy speaker coil, inside the amp, and digitally monitor the interaction between the two. That info is sent to the power amp, which follows suit. The result is creamy, saturated cranked tube tone when the Master Volume is jacked up, emulating the desireable, buttery breakup of real tube power amps. It's awesome.


Haven't had it for much longer than it took to give each amp an extensive listening. It seems pretty damn sturdy though.

General Comments

It's an awesome amp for an awesome price. I tried it out against Line 6's, Behringers, and other Marshalls when I went to upgrade. It won in the tone and volume department, hands down.

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