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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I've always been a fan of Fender tube amps. I went and bought a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The clean channel was typical Fender although it sounded too bright. the reverb was way over the top, even when set at 2. The overdrive channel sounded absolutly terrible so I wen back to exchange it for a 65' Deluxe Reverb. They were out of stock so I started looking around when the Delta Blues caught my eye. Peavey? I wouldn't be caught dead playing through a Peavey! Damn what a snob I am! Well it has four EL84's which I've always felt were much more musical than 6L6's so I gave it a spin. If you play blues or classic rock, you owe it to yourself to try this amp. I've been playing for 37 years and I've never owned an amp with such beautiful tone. The clean channel is warmer than a Fender but just as sweet. It starts to overdrive at about 6-7 and just has to be heard to be believed! The best part of this amp however is the second channel. By tweeking the pre and post volume controls, you can dial in just the right amount of overdrive. I've used a TS-9 for many years because it sounds better than any overdrive I've ever heard.....until now. If you like SRV's tone please do yourself a BIG favor and take this amp for a spin. You won't believe your ears!


Nevr owned a Peavey before but I've heard they are very reliable amps.

General Comments

The best sounding amp I've ever owned and for the price it's the best value out there. Put a standby switch on it and move those tubes a litle deeper into the amp for protection. Other than those small issues, this is one incredible amp at any price!

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