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Sound Quality

I have a limited setup at this point: RG-520 -> Boss MT-2 -> Boss GE-7 -> Peavey Special 130. The GE-7 is just awesome. You can get basically any tone with it by just fiddling with the knobs a bit. I've been able to reproduce a telecaster, acoustic guitar and other crazy sounds even from the high output pickups on the RG. The pedal really shines with the MT-2, however. With the right boosts in the right places, it really doubles sustain and gets out those harmonics while producing a perfect sound. I haven't really found any buzzing problems with it, the only thing this pedal can do is make you sound better.


Uh, no problems.

General Comments

I play in between a range of metal, 70s rock, and the blues. I've been able to adapt this to any style I've had to go for. The pedal is pretty good for getting a boost for clean and distorted lead sounds. The rhythm sounds great, but its better to have it off until you go into a lead to get that extra boost and sharper sound.


Amazingly enough, this can perfectly produce a perfect Pink Floyd sound (especially from The Wall.) I'm going to share my MT-2 and GE-7 settings for this sound, which can also be used for any 70s rock and 80s Van Halen style metal... it's fine tuned to my guitar so try and use this as a framework:


GE-7 (on for lead, off for rhythm)

100k -- 0

200k -- +10

400k -- +12

800k -- +11

1.6k -- -10

3.2k -- +5

6.4k -- +7

Level -- FLAT (the mid boost gives you a higher volume, don't mess with this)


MT-2 (always on)

Level -- Your choice

High -- between 1:30 and 2:00

Low -- 3:00

Mid -- between 3:30 and 4:00

Mid Rng -- between 1:00 and 1:30

Distortion -- 2:00 (up to your discretion really, depends on how much dirt and how much harmonics you want

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