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Sound Quality

Pretty damn good. Im using an Ibanez RG with duncan JB pickups and a MIM Strat through a Crate GFX-65. On clean you can get a pretty good bluesy/classic rock tone. Really like it with the strat. This stompbox gives a really warm tube like OD. Sounds good. Using the Bad Monkey with your amp on the distorted channel is where it really shines. It's like an overall improvement to everything. Your highs cut through amazingly and are less harsh, the sustain lasts an eternity-especially with delay, and the overall tone is better. This thing is great. If you like Zakk Wylde's tone, this can get you close. Dialed right and mixed with distortion you can get a really heavy tone. I like it!


Seems pretty solid. It's kinda heavy. I'd say it's dependable.

General Comments

For the price, I don't think you can beat this thing. I believe it's a reissue of an older DOD pedal. I'm not sure which one though. This is better than most ODs that I've tried. I liked it better than the BOSS one. I have yet to try the MXR Zakk Wylde though. I recommend this if you want that extra oomph to your sound or if you can't afford a tube amp and want that sound. This does it pretty good.

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