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Sound Quality

I´m a Ibanez lover, use it with RG guitars, RG570 & RG3120 Prestige with Dimarzio´s going into an ADA MP1 Tube Preamp-->Rocktron HUSH IICX-->Lexicon FX´s-->20/20-->Mesa/Boogie Thiele cab 1X12 (i need the second one for stereo setup). It has lot of headroom, a big/fat in your face sound. The 20/20 replace my ADA Microtube 100 stereo power amp.


It's a Boogie!

General Comments

Been playing for 13 years, i have tried a lot of amps, power amps, preamps and combos and this one is a great one, portable, versatile, excellent sound, what else do you need? it fits perfectlly into my setup.

You can hardly find 20/20´s new/used because everybody loves them!

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