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Sound Quality

Chain is a G&L S500 or old Ibanez Artist > a distortion/overdrive (MXR dist+, Ross, DS10, Yamaha OD-10)> SCX:7 > Ibanez DL10 > VAmp2, VibroChamp, or Musicman HD130. No noise; pretty transparent when not engaged. Sound is much smoother that the Ibanez 10 series choruses; preserve the bass well; not as transparent as my TC Electronics, but hey, $25. Also, I like the fact that it doesn't boost the volume when engaged. Very nice sounding box.


Seems to be solid. I haven't had it open to see if the sockets are on the board or anything.

General Comments

Been playing for 13 years for my fun; not a pro. Afflicted with gear acquisition syndrome. I buy lots of effects, and this was a great score. Get one if you're in the market.

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