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Douwe Kuipers

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

First of all I’d like to tell what gear I use around this pre-amp because I think this is really important. My guitar is a Ernie Ball Music Man – Axis (which is the one that Eddie van Halen used to play before he switched to Peavey if I’m right). My power amp is a Mesa Boogie 20/20 (a stereo amp with 20 Watts per channel from which I used to think it was not loud enough, if only I had tried this one a little earlier I would have known better. It’s loud!). For effects I use an Alesis Quadra Verb 2. I use a cab with a Classic Lead Celestion speaker in it (I will buy either a Mesa Boogie 2x12 horizontal rectifier cab or a Bag End S12-B). About the Marshall jmp-1: Before you find a good clean sound you’ll have to under go serious dialing. The first amp is the really clean one as for the second one, if it’s cranked you can use it for a crunchy sound. The clean sounds are alright. From the two distortion amps the first one is really cool but the second one is rarely use by myself, because I think it isn’t tight enough although it can be used for slow dirty stuff. About the gain I’d like to say that it’s on the edge of enough and not enough. For me it’s just enough cause I think that wen there would be more gain, the sound would be too much compressed. But as I said I use a Music man Axis and it’s doing OK in this setup. This amp also features a bass boost. Now I have to say that you only have to use this button if you have a cheap guitar or a really bad power amp. Because I have never used it, and that for someone who likes to play metal, funk-rock and at this moment only uses one 12” Classic Lead Celestion cab. When you add some effects for solo’s it sounds really super. This emulator function is really good, I use it for hard disk recording my bands music.


It still works and I hope it will in the future.

General Comments

This is a really cool amp.


Im kind of late with this review because I bought the amp at the second day of March of two thousand. But this means I really know the amp by now. With this amp I can for example get the sounds of Metallica, Lenny Kravitz and Extreme.

Ive tested a Mesa Boogie Triple rectifier and a Peavey 5150 recently but although they can go louder then my setup, I came to the conclusion that my own setup is sounding better when its about dynamics and distortions. So why even bother and go rushing out buying these really expensive amps that everybody says are the best when you can have the setup I own.


By the way I dont always like Marshalls but for this one I have to make an exception. Well done Marshall.



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