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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

So far, so good. I have a few different setups that I like to use depending on the music being played and the size of the venue. So far, the Monkey has sounded really good with my Peavey Classic 50. The big test will be using it with my 50W Marahall half stack.


Only used it at rehearsal, have yet to run it through gig conditions. It appears to be well built, the only thing I don't care for is the switch and how it kinda sits under the foot treadle part, seems too exposed to me....

General Comments

I play lots of different stuff, from rock to blues to fusion. I feel comfortable that I can get a good sound out of this device. Sound-wise comprable to a TS-9 with the added tonal flexibility. Still a tiny mid hump but nothing that will stick out like a sore thumb. For $40 you can't go wrong, hell, buy two and keep one as a backup! I'd put this up against anything the corksniffers can come up with, and it'll hold its own!

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