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Sound Quality

im using this with an epiphone sg g400 into a behringer gx 212 its is by far one of the noisiest pedals ive ever played the internal ocsillator makes a really annoying hum thats dogging your signal even when its off. saying this if you want a pedal for making silly noises mix this with a delay and a phaser or flanger and its totally insane. Incubus guitarist mike einziger uses this as im sure you know thats why these things fly for megabucks. the distortion on it is OK ,just like i said mix the two and its get ugly , but tbh thats the whole point of this pedal. to most ppl it does sound like a sack of shit.


mine is ok. the inputs were a bit dodgy and getting cracle was a bit of a problem. i took it apart and tightend the inside nut and it works fine now.

General Comments

if this pedal were stolen i wudnt buy it again , mainly because i cant find it now for under $200 about £110 i guess. all i use this pedal for is silly noises playing live or looping with a delay for intros/bridges or whatever. it does that job well. i wish it was less noisy then i might put it to other uses , seriously tho if you are buying this pedal just becase you love incubus and think it will turn you into mike einziger please think again , it takes some skill to get a godd sound out of it without copying the tone he gets off 'glass' i admit , i was a sucker and bought it for this reason.

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