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Phil Brigham-fXuy2

crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Most of my gigs are low-volume oldies and country in small neighborhood bars or VFWs. I usually gig with a 1994 Les Paul Special (Seymour Duncan P90s), an Epiphone Casino (with Gibson P90s) or a DeArmond M77T I agree with many of the previous reviewer that the amp is a liitle too bass heavy, and the amp breaks up a little too early. To this end, many reviewers swapped out tubes and the speaker, which I may also do in the future. However I used the amp on a gig in stereo with my Korg (British) Vox AC15 (with an Eminence spreaker, not the Alnico Blue) - and although the Vox certainly is a better sounding amp, the mix of the two amps worked well. What the Vox lacks, the V18 seems to make up for, and vice-versa. The Vox has great highs and mids, but lacks a little low end, and the reverb, although decent sounding, isn't as present as I would like. The V18, on the other hand has plenty of low end, and the reverb is pretty noticeable on "2". By using a Boss Dimension C pedal in stereo I get a nice stereo chorus effect, and when the effect is off, it's nice to have more low end and reverb in one amp, and clearer highs and mids in the other amp. Although hauling two amps to a gig can be a hassle, the stereo effect is nice, and if an amp goes down, you still have one. I will be trying the V18 out on it's own on a gig as well, but haven't tried it so far.


Too early to tell. Naturally I was pleased that it was working right out of the box after it was shipped to me. And on the first gig I used it on, no problems.

General Comments

I have been playing for over 40 years.

I own 9 electric guitars, 3 acoustic or electric acoustics and a bass.

Several guitar amps (including AC15, a 1973 "Silverface" Deluxe Reverb,Music Man RD65) a bass amp, quite a few pedals.

Price was a big factor in the purchase.

If I had paid $500 for it, I would be disappointed.

But for $149.99 including shipping, how wrong can you go ?

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