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DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulator

Sound Quality

it hums alot, but you need a noise gate or noise suppressor (i use a boss). i use a '52 tele and orange amp with jim dunlop wah, proco rat, big muff pi, boss flanger, boss chorus, boss DD3 and the noise gate. words cannot decribe the kickass sounds made by this setup


its top notch for reliability. does eat up battery's though.

General Comments

I play lofi alternative stuff (like blur, pavement sebadoh etc) and thi pedal is the pinnacle of my setup.

If this muddaphucka was nicked, i'd be very pissed as they are very rare and hard to find (id probably go nick my mates!)

When i play a gig, i just cant wait till the end so i can piss about with all my pedals for about 5 mins... this is the ultimate adventurers pedal. if you play all this wank twiddely text book {censored}, dont even go there.

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