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Sound Quality

My setup is: Peavy Predator > MT-2 Metal Zone > GE-7 Equalizer > CH-1 Chorus > Marshall JCM 900 SL-X (50 Watt) > Marshall 1960A 4x12. This pedal isn't noisy at all. If I really listen close, I can hear a little hum, but nothing that you should worry about. This pedal makes my amp sound great. I have always thought my amp sounded pretty nice, but then I got this pedal yesterday. This makes it sound GREAT. Now, when I use my amp without this, it just sounds weak. Also, this is THE way to get a great sound out of your MT-2. Before I got this pedal, I thought my MT-2 sounded a bit too 'thin', with too much treble. It just didn't have that really 'thick' sound I was looking for. But now with the GE-7, it really makes both pedals totally worth my money! I think they shouldn't sell any MT-2's without a GE-7 coming with it, because now a lot of people are missing out on the best sound in their MT-2. Also, after some playing around, I got REALLY close to a Metallica sound, using the MT-2 and GE-7 together (be sure you place the GE-7 behind your MT-2).


I just got mine yesterday, but I have more Boss pedals, and they all seem to be unbrakeable. I guess I could to brake them with a REALLY big hammer, but why would I want to? I'd have to buy myself a new hammer!!

General Comments

I am seventeen and I've been playing for over 8 years now. I play some punkrock, but mostly metal, like Metallica or Korn and Limp Bizkit. It works great for everything, though. It is just really easy and it's definetely the best addition imaginable to your Metal Zone.


I wanted to stick with Boss for all my effects, because I simply love their effects and have never had a problem with any of their products. But still, I looked at a lot of reviews before buying this. I have no regrets at all of my purchase and I'm glad I spend the money on this, because it's paying off, every time I use it.


This pedal really makes me want to turn my amp all the way up and go stand in front of it and be blown away. But I guess I would have to pay for the new windows myself...

Go out and get this one. You wont regret it.

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