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Sound Quality

Epiphone Les Paul, Yamaha Pacifica, into a Laney VC100 (used to use a Peavy Envoy 110). This wah is an integral part of my setup, and has been so in many acts. The only noise I've experienced was in the exremem treble position when I fed it into a very high-gain setting. At clean and resonable gain levels, it's super quiet. Noise is negligible. Never tried to use it as an imitation of anyone's sound: it doesn't really lend itself to that. The upside is that it's unique. I think it's a one-of-a-kind in my hometown. I love the honky mid-range stting as a filter. It accentuates harmonics in a beautiful way. The pedal works well for filter applications across its range, in fact: Heel=smooth, buttery, santana-esque. Center=good for melting people's faces. Toe=Good for giving people tinitus, creating an am-radio affect (played quietly)...without adjusting the trimpots, this setting can be painfully sharp (soundmen hate me), but used in moderation-well, more variety!


Dropped it once. Sent it back 'cause I thought I'd broke it. Now I think I was wrong, and just plugged it in wrong that day or something. Reason is that I've since used it on a zillion gigs, and it';s sustained more abuse than that ten times over. I'd love to have a backup, but don't feel I need one. That's saying a lot, since there hasn't been another piece of electronic gear made for thirty years that's built to last (other than Boss Pedals and this beaut). Score one for DOD! Why aren't all their pedals this rugged? It's worth mentioning that once the rubber pad wore out (the one that stops the pedal just shy of heel position, keeping you from switching it unintentionally). I just replaced it with a small pice of rubber-boot-sole. No problems since.

General Comments

Funk, Blues, Rock, Metal-Good for all.

Playing 12 years. Simple rig: (paranthetical items represent gear no longer in use or used for rehearsals only) Guitar-FX17-(DODFX7)-(Boss Delay)-(Ibanez Tubescreamer)-LaneyVC100.


Would definitely replace it, were it lost or stolen!


I, for one, love the rear-end switch!!! I find it makes the swtiching of the effect less conspicuous...tone is dark when switched on, rather than jumping from neutral to bright as in front-switched units.

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