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Sound Quality

TONS of different tonal possibilities! It all depends on where it goes in your effects chain: I put it before or after distortion, before or after chorus, and so on. Most people like it first in their fx chain, but Iike it after all the fx. Putting it after a flanger actually makes a poor man's ring mod sound. I play a sheraton with alan holdsworth pickups and a strat with texas specials, so I do have to tweak my effects all the time for the two pedals anyway. For two knobs, this thing is great.


I've only owned 1 other dod pedal, and the switch was kind of finicky. So I don't know how this will hold up. I put this somewhere between a dano mini and a boss in terms of reliability.

General Comments

If you can find this pedal, pick it up. It's worth the $$.

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